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The holiday season is in full swing, bringing with it a welcoming influx of guests and even gifts. With all of the action and excitement from now to the end of the year, it’s easy for clutter to compile.

The best way to keep your home clutter free during the holiday season is to clear clutter before, during, and after the holiday season a few minutes at a time. We have tips for what to do to get a jump on clearing clutter and maintaining a clean home throughout the holiday season.

Before Guests Arrive

Excited about seeing friends and family members whose company you haven’t had the chance to enjoy in a while? Welcome them into a cozy clutter free atmosphere by doing this a few moments each day:

1. Declutter Your Holiday Décor.

Decluttering holiday decorations can save you time and money while allowing you to take inventory of all the wonderful items you want to preserve for holidays to come. Sort the items into donate, gift or discard piles to make a simple process for purging. The gift pile could save you money on last minute Christmas gifts!

2. Clear Kitchen Clutter

The kitchen is a busy area during the holiday season. To make more room get rid of broken or duplicate utensils, cups, plates and glasses first. Next, remove any expired canned goods or spices and donate any that are unlikely to be used with good dates. Lastly survey your kitchen for appliances you’ve never used or are duplicates. These items could be excellent gifts.

3. Declutter Guest Towels and Linens

As you prepare your home to host family and friends decluttering the linen closet can save you lots of time when prepping guest rooms or bathrooms. Look through linens and towels first discarding any worn, hole ridden, torn or ragged items. Next look through the remaining items to see which linens and towels no longer suit your décor style and can be donated. If there are any brand new or unopened items consider gifting those items.

4. Clear Bathroom Clutter

Bathrooms counters and under sink storage often become a catch all space for forgotten toiletries, makeup and beauty related appliances. To start decluttering, clear the counter of any styling appliances, makeup, hair accessories, or jewelry. Next remove any laundry from the bathroom. Take a few moments each day to reorganize cabinets in a space saving way by stacking items or using baskets and bins to bring order to the space.

As You Celebrate and Entertain

You guests are gathered and you’re enjoying their company. There are simple ways to keep your home tidy without encroaching on everyone’s fun. Keeping the clutter at bay doesn’t need to be a daunting task if you take a few moments to do the following:  

1. Keep Surfaces Clear

Kitchen counters, dining and coffee tables are notorious clutter magnets during holiday gatherings. Tidy up these surfaces with help by making sure bins, baskets or storage containers, like ottomans, are readily available for guests items knick-knacks and gifts to be stored. Consider having bags available for guests to take their gifts home in or doing a wrapping paper sweep during and after gifts are opened.

2. Have Designated Spaces for Everything

Save time and energy, by making sure every item has a definitive home and properly placing items in those defined spaces after they are used. One possible solution is using decorative items that double as storage as part of your festive decorations. Other great items to repurpose for storage are bureaus, buffets, bar and serving carts, mason jars, mugs, pitchers and of course decorative baskets and bins.

3. Keep a Clear Coat Closet

Experts at suggest picking up “anything preventing the door from opening and closing smoothly.” They also suggest a clever way to make room for guests outerwear and accessories in your closet by layering two of your coats on sturdy hangers and sliding your items to one side. You can then “Add one empty hanger for every two guests” and “plan to double up their coats, too.” Consider adding scarf hangers or a bin specifically for hats to save more space.


After the Holiday Haze Clears

After the guests have returned home and you’re ready to return to normal, consider creating a clean routine to keep your home clear of clutter. Try crafting a routine that best fits the time you will be most effective. This can be done by assigning specific tasks to certain days or doing a quick clean daily in small time increments. See our Daily Declutter Checklist for ideas. Then try these simple ways to make room after receiving holiday gifts:

  • Donating or recycling old magazines.
  • Getting rid of clothing or accessories you haven't worn in 2 years, especially winter coats.
  • Sell or recycle your old electronics while purchasing new electronics.
  • Designate a basket or bin for useful items that can be donated like toys, or blankets.
  • Clean out your purse or wallet and remember to use gift cards.  


Conquering holiday clutter can be simple with the tips above. Organizing your home does not have to happen overnight or after your home is overflowing with clutter. You can work through a process before your guests arrive and reclaim your space and quality time with friends and loved ones. 

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